About Argo Aquatics Club


What can you expect from an On Site Group Training? 

Meet OSHA Guidelines
Provides information, guidance, and access to safety topics. 
Provides 2 year certification with free digital refreshers.
Materials developed with leading medical experts, with expert technical support.

Lower Costs
Possibility of lower health care premiums and fewer workers compensation claims.

Courses Available in Spanish
Courses and materials available in Spanish.

Record Keeping by Red Cross
Certification records maintained by the American Red Cross.

Courses designed to make learning interesting and fun.

Argo Aquatics Club is a program committed to introducing athletes to the game of water polo, the important techniques of swimming and overall safety within and around the water.  It is dedicated to providing programs for athletes of all ages, regardless of their experience or skill level. 

Argo Aquatics Club will help each athlete find their full potential while learning necessary skills within a competitive and fun environment.  Feedback for improvement will be expressed positively and constructively so that the athlete can achieve their highest potential. 

Argo Aquatics Club is a company comprised of certified, experienced and well educated swim teachers.  The founder of Argo Aquatics Club, Jason Nevis, is an experienced certified swim instructor and coach.  As a swim and water polo alum and current swim and water polo high school coach, he has learned to teach and has taught others how to teach the basic fundamentals of teaching children to swim. 

We guarantee your child will love swimming with us and enjoy the fun filled experience of becoming a Little Argo swimmer!!!!


Who We Are:

The coaching staff within Argo Aquatics Club is comprised of professional high school and college level coaches as well as former Varsity high school athletes.  Each coach provides a personal tweak to the overall club philosophy and desired outcome. 

Skills taught will develop and enhance each athlete from a beginner to an experience athlete.  The young athlete will become the best possible player because of the dedication from the Argo Aquatics Club coaching staff.